It’s Christmas morning! For the last several years, I’ve been more excited about socks and books than I’d ever have dreamed possible as a child.  This year, I kept it simple and asked for a single book:  a collection of poetry from Tyler Knott Gregson.  I woke up this morning and was ecstatic to find the book right at home under the tree.

“all the words are yours
haiku on love”

I don’t particularly like haikus.  I prefer poetry without set limitations because it’s more freeing and (I believe) that the message is conveyed far better than the 3-line, 17 syllable poems that so many people love.  But alas, I have accidentally requested a book of haikus instead of “chasers of the light,” which is the typewriter series that I was hoping for.

Am I disappointed?  A bit.  Am I ungrateful?  Lord, no!  I’m still excited about devouring each and every poem of his that I can get ahold of.  I stumbled upon his typewriter series one day while browsing Pinterest’s literary tattoos.  I can’t even remember which poem it was, but I remember how it looked.  I think that all of his are just single stanzas, but some have spaces at the beginning of each line so that the poem actually takes on a shape; I can remember the shape but not the words.

Anyway, I am extremely pleased with my new book!  Going through, my favorite thus far is probably the one that most allows for interpretation:

“Will you come see it?
The world that lives beyond this,
the wonder beyond?”


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