Those Long-Term Books…

I think that everyone has those books that they buy because they’ve always wanted to read them, but it’s not as though action must be taken immediately.  Let me first say that I am not a slow-paced reader.  If I find a book that I like, I won’t put it down until that baby is finished.  However, there are those books – the books that we want to/need to read because they are the books that demand to be read (or that others request of us to read, in most of my cases).  Those books are the ones that I pick up, read, and put down for a week or month (I think my record is a year) at a time.

While I was tutoring English at my alma mater (gosh, that sounds weird since I just got my degree about two weeks ago…), I decided that it would be good to have a book with me at all times for when my group sessions didn’t have essays to go over and simply wanted to read during their hour.  I’ve been wanting to read Jane Eyre for several years now, but just never got around to it (as is the case with most of the classics that I just don’t make time for).  Finally, I found an inexpensive copy while perusing my way through random books on a trip to Barnes & Noble.  I bought it.  I took it to my sessions, and when they read, I read.  It worked out great!  That is, it worked out great until I finished with my degree, which means that I can no longer work as a tutor on-campus.  Why is this bad?  It was the book that I picked up because it was convenient.  It was my go-to book for my hour-long reading sessions when I didn’t have to actually help anyone.  It was one of those books.

Now it sits on my shelf, half-read, waiting for me to notice it.  I see you, Jane Eyre.  I see you, alright. It’s only been about two weeks and the desire to pick it up when I have free time has dwindled.  I love how it is written, don’t get me wrong!  The punctuation is breathtaking and the sentence structure makes me want to write more than any other book I’ve ever read!  Does that make a difference?  Nope.  Because, and this is the last time I’ll say it, it’s one of those books.

Will I finish it?  Yes.  Most definitely.  Eventually.  Will I sit down and finish the whole thing tonight?  Dear goodness, no.  I’ll take my time with it, as any good reader would not.  I’ll let it ripen on my shelf until it has become the juiciest fruit of a book that one has ever seen, and then I’ll devour it!  One slow bite at a time.


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