A History of Shoujo Manga

fraction of fiction


When we think of shoujo manga, we usually think of pretty character designs, high school settings, sparkling comic panels, cliché misunderstandings, and honey sweet moments. Great titles such as Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, and Skip Beat dominate the contemporary face of shoujo manga. These stories of adolescent love, friendship, and handsome men are extremely alluring to young female readers, but shoujo manga as a particular subset has a long and interesting history much departed from its modern conception. This article will attempt to highlight some of the key elements in the history and development of the modern shoujo manga, briefly featuring notable works that marked its inception as well as the socio-political aspects that influenced its rise in popularity.

As early as 2009, there were forty shoujo manga magazines circulating throughout Japan, compared to only twenty seven shounen manga magazines. Each of these shoujo magazines had…

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