Novel Update #2: Writing An Un-unique Romantic Scene

Up until this current chapter that I’m working on, the romance has been very subtle.  There was one chapter that oozed familiarity that bordered romance, but other than that, everything was very quick and light.

The 11th chapter, however, starts with something not-so-subtle.  My female protagonist sees the male protagonist as more of a romantic figure than she had in the past because of a dangerous situation that they are put into.

Yes, yes.  Very typical scenario.  Everyone’s read it a hundred and fifty times over.  I may have read it more than that!  The difference, however, is that this time, I’m the one writing it.  I want it to be unique.  Every story or scene reminds someone of another story or another scene because it seems that everything’s been done – and it has.  But what makes them different enough to be something new are the unique takes and twists and turns that the author has in store.  Every writer wants to believe that their story is something original.  In truth, there are probably hundreds of books that mine might remind the reader of; a reminder is just a sign that they are similar, not the same.  It’s difficult to write a new love story.  It’s difficult to write a new story in general.  So who cares if there are some similarities to other books?

My goal is to simply write what I believe would happen between my two main characters.  To me, they are actual people who would feel a certain way about each other and go about it in an entirely different way.  So, that’s what I’ll write.

Just because I’ve read this scenario a hundred or so times doesn’t mean that writing it is easy.  It needs to not only be unique, but true to the characters and their feelings.  Would she be excited?  Would he be embarrassed?  Would one get angry or would both seem to wander off into their own lala-lands in happiness?

This is why reading something and writing it are completely different.  I’m sure that there are people who disagree with me – maybe we should strive to write something completely new for the sake of the work.  To those, I’ll say that this feels natural for my characters.  The events that have led up to this point have indeed led up to this point.  Good luck with writing something new, in all seriousness, but I don’t see anything wrong with using something that has happened already in other novels.  My plot is unique; my characters are unique.  One or two similar scenarios written differently (I hope) are not going to ruin my novel (I hope).


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