Debut Author Lessons Archives – Mary Robinette Kowal

Mary Robinette Kowal writes advice and tips for debut authors in her series of blog posts titled Debut Author Lessons.

  • Signing Stock for Books
  • The Importance of Brick and Mortar Stores
  • 10 Things About Signing Books
  • Mail and P.O. Boxes
  • The Q&A
  • Surviving on Tour
  • Frequent Flyer Miles
  • How to Deal with Self-Promotion and Award Season
  • How to be a Professional When You Want to Fangirl
  • On Facebook
  • Audio Books
  • Writing is No Longer a Hobby
  • The Author Photo
  • Hate Mail
  • Your First Guest of Honor Gig
  • So Much Paper in a Contract
  • Covers
  • The Launch Party
  • Mini Lesson on Leveling Up
  • Should You Be a Full-time Writer

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