Novel Update #3: Another Word Count Milestone

When I first starting drafting my novel last June, I thought, “It’s going to be incredible to reach the size of a novel!  Just 10,000 words four times.”

I hit 10,000 words sometime around late November after taking a little over 4 months off because I lost interest.  Next was 20,000 and I was at half the desired word count.  Next was 30,000 and I was 3/4 of the way there without really having a developed plot.  I reached 40,000 words and then 50,000 and realized that it was going to need to be much longer.

A couple hours ago, I decided that I’d write a little over 2,000 words so that I would reach 60,000 words before the end of the night.  I’m now at 60,068 words and at the end of a paragraph about a half of the way through Chapter 12.

At the beginning, I was planning on celebrating every 10,000 word milestone that I hit because it was tangible evidence of progress.  Maybe I skipped a few celebrations along the way, but here’s to this one!  Even if 60,000 words is less than 3/4 of my projected novel length, I’m still so excited that I’ve kept it up this long.  Just to put things into perspective, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten passed 10,000 words in any other first draft attempts before.

So, here’s to me and every other potential future published author out there who refuses to give up on their first drafts, no matter how rough they are!

[Note:  I revised this after realizing that after continually writing for 2-3 hours, I had some words mixed up.  Pardon me for being dazed and confused, and hopefully I didn’t put anyone else in that state with my poor wording.]


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