21 Things My Non-Reader Friends Don’t Understand

  1. Reading is not just a pastime.
  2. Bookstores are like casinos – you can spend hours in them without realizing it.
  3. It’s fun to go into bookstores, even if you don’t have money.
  4. Countdowns to the dates of book releases (especially those in an ongoing series) are extremely important.
  5. Enjoying assigned books in English classes doesn’t mean that a person is an alien.
  6. Two people can hang out by reading together in the same room.
  7. Discussing books with friends is amazing.
  8. Discussing books with friends who have wildly different opinions is even better.
  9. For writers, reading is actually research.  No joke.
  10. Dissecting and analyzing novels is one of the most satisfying feelings.
  11. A lover of books can start a book, hate it, and put it down without it meaning that they don’t like reading.
  12. You can never own too many books.
  13. Some people would rather spend their money on books rather than clothes.
  14. Saying you hate reading because all books suck is like saying you had the ocean because one or two fish look weird.  (P.S. You just haven’t found the right book.)
  15. Reading a series from the time when the first book came out until the release of the last is one of the most amazing and emptying feelings in the world.
  16. Don’t talk to a person immediately after they finish the last book of their favorite series; they probably won’t be feeling too good.
  17. It’s easy to fall in love with fictional characters.
  18. The way an author writes is just as important as the plot.  (This is something that does not apply to all readers, though.)
  19. Even if you like one genre, you’re not married to it.  It’s not betrayal.  It’s diversity.
  20. You don’t have to be diverse.  If you only like one specific type of book, feel free to have that imaginary wedding to the genre.
  21. Books make wonderful gifts so if I give you one, shut up and accept it because I put a lot of thought into picking it for you.

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