Shakespeare was never my friend in high school.  I don’t know how many times I’d been forced to play the part of the nurse from Romeo & Juliet in front of various English classes.  I liked Hamlet well enough, but I hated analyzing it for class.  The Merchant of Venice had weird discussions to go along with it.  There was another one, but I can’t even remember it.  The point is, I hated having to read Shakespeare in high school.  So what did I do three years after high school?  I decided that I’d start making my way through his comedies, starting with As You Like It.  However, I accidentally got the wrong title when I was searching and ended up with Much Ado About Nothing – a switch that I’m very glad to have made.

So, a little bit about Much Ado About Nothing, for those who don’t know the story:  it’s pretty much what goes right and wrong (all while exercising an [un]desirable about a wit) when trying to pair together or tear apart lovers.  The main couples are Beatrice/Benedick (my favorite) and Hero/Claudio.  Honestly, it’s great.  The lines are hilarious; the situations are hilarious; everything is just perfect.  I really recommend it to anyone who wants to read something funny and a little challenging.  I had a No Fear Shakespeare book with the original script (which I think is funnier) and the “plain English” version to help when a line or two gets too difficult to unravel.

[Note: the featured image came from Google images.]


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