I hated all coffee until I was about eighteen.


I’m twenty-one and I have to have coffee on writing days.

I don’t handle the caffeine very well, though.  Let me put things into perspective for you: after waking up in someone else’s house and drinking two small cups of coffee without breakfast, I was so jittery that I couldn’t type on my phone without making errors from not being able to move my thumbs smoothly.  It was terrible.  Yesterday, I had a bottled cappuccino (very good) and a Starbucks vanilla double-shot (even better) and ended up typing up an entire 5000+ word chapter.  It was 2 am when I was finally satisfied with my progress and sure that I’d seen every post of interest on Instagram.

For the last several Sundays, I get a regular cappuccino from Starbucks early in the morning and help my sister study for her weekly exam in his college anatomy class.  I sip and stumble on my tongue, trying to pronounce the names correctly.  It’s fun.  Coffee has become a part of my life in a way that I never would have expected.

People always said that it’s practically a requirement for writers to drink coffee.  To be perfectly honest, I’d thought they were ridiculous.  Why, I didn’t need anything but my own imagination and a means of writing it out!  As I get older and my dream of being published looms somewhere closer than it had just three years ago, though, I realize how helpful a cup of caffeine is.  It’s how I stay awake when inspiration strikes at midnight; it’s how I am able to get up in the morning after 4-5 hours of sleep after a particularly good reading/writing night.  Coffee is just a blessing.  Yes, that’s a bit extreme, but that’s honestly how I see it now.  How had I ever gone without the stuff?  I used to prefer hot cocoa in the mornings because it was warm and it settled the hoarseness of my voice but never the grogginess.

Coffee and I have come to an understanding:  I still prefer the cheap stuff and it can’t get me to drink it every day.  But I see it in a much more flattering light than I had before.  That’s all there is to it.

This wasn’t directly related to writing or reading, but it was, in an odd way.  It seems like coffee is something that all lovers of books also share a love for (unless they like tea, which I would prefer not to discuss, thank you very much!).  I guess I’d better finish off my canned Starbucks now before I close up my novel for the night.

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