Between the writing and reading posts, I want to take a minute to say that my name is Xandra Nelsen.

Well, my name isn’t Xandra.  Or Nelsen (yet).  But my other half started asking if I’d consider a pseudonym if I’m published one day.  I laughed at the idea, but then he started tearing apart my first and middle names and rearranging them.  Then came “Xandra” (pronounced ZAN-drah).  I fell in love.  It sounds so silly, for me to like a name that isn’t even my own, but it’s part of my own.  So, for lack of a better name and for means of privacy, this is my official post (that is quite presumptuous, I know) stating that if I ever do get published, it will be under this name that has been gifted to me by the person whose opinion means the most to me – equal to my own.

This feels odd to write about.  It’s just a short post.  The next time I blog, it will probably be progress on Cassandra Clare’s “Clockwork Princess” and maybe my coming bookstore haul after that.  But for now, this is all.  I’m kinda happy.  I have a name that I can be called on here – first and last – that I feel comfortable giving.  Yes, Xandra: in all its ridiculousness, it’s perfect.

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