This is the first quote that I’m sharing online on my bookish social media accounts.

“‘You know how the fruit from the Farm grows on trees and has to wait to be picked?  Books are the same.  You collect them with the intention of reading them someday, but that doesn’t have to be today.  Shelving one doesn’t make it go bad.  It just ripens it.'”

This is from Chapter Eleven of my first novel Strain of Rebellion, the first of the series.  I have between 2 and 4 chapters left to write, but I should be up and editing within the next two months, so I’ll be documenting those states, as well.

Oh yeah, I also took the photo, so no credit to anyone else (besides Mother Nature and her beautiful mountain snow!).

It was a big step to share a quote online, but it’s been a particularly good week for writing so I felt that it’s about time that I do choose one that reflects my love for buying books to read them later (especially since I’ll be going book shopping in two days, haha).


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