Hello, fellow bloggers!

This is one of the most exciting blog posts that I’ve written since I started (at least for me) because I’m seriously less than two chapters away from finishing the first draft of my novel!  So here’s where I’m at right now:  halfway through chapter sixteen and over 83,000 words (for those who prefer to think in word count to estimate size, as I do).  When I’d originally started writing last June, I estimated that it’d just be over 60,000 words (which is ridiculously small for a science fiction, even YA).  Then I re-estimated at 75,000-80,000.  Now, it’ll be at least 85,000-90,000 by the time I finish these last two chapters.  (I really do apologize to those who don’t like going by word count, but it’s just a tool to help me visualize.)

So I’m nearly done.  I’d said that in my last post, but this is far more official feeling.  I’m less than two chapters from finishing…  It’s surreal!  When I’d taken those 4-5 months off at the beginning, I never imagined myself picking it back up, and now here I am – ready to burst because of how excited I am to start editing.

It’s getting a bit more difficult to tie things up, but because it’s the first book in a planned series, there are strings that are purposely left blowing in the wind for the second and third books.  But I’m still at that point where there needs to be some sort of finality to it.  How am I supposed to write a conclusion to a book when it’s in the middle of their story?  I know what event I’m going to leave off on, but it feels too unfinished.  I guess I’ve read plenty of books that leave the reader with that cliff-hanger feeling between novels…  I’d just pictured it being a little more final, if that makes sense?  Maybe it doesn’t.  But maybe it does.

There’s my novel update.  The last update during the writing process.  Hopefully the next will be an announcement within the next two weeks saying that I’m done writing.  Then will come the editing updates, haha!  I’m just really excited to share this with anyone who will read it, honestly.  It’s not like it’ll ever even get published (though hopefully it will), but I think it’s just wonderful because I’ve never finished writing any of my first drafts.  They’ve always been attempted novels that I look back on and laugh at.  But this one is different.  It wasn’t me trying to come up with a story to write:  it was a story and characters that came to me and wanted to be told, so I wrote it for them.  I sound crazy.  I sound like I hear voices in my head that tell me what to do, but that really isn’t the case.  Or maybe it is?  Artists have muses.  Mine were just internal.  Regardless, this is the first novel that I’m going to finish writing and I credit that to the fact that I didn’t force it at the beginning, the middle, or even the end.  (At least not yet.)  Can anyone relate?  I’m just so happy that I can’t even put it into words, and putting feelings into words on paper or screens is what I do best!

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I’m really excited that there are a couple people who actually read these updates.  It feels like a support system.  AA but for writers instead of alcoholics.  That was a terrible joke, but I think it’s an apt comparison.  I think I’ll stop here.  My excitement in leaking into my writing in ways that I’ll probably regret later…


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