Thanks, Katelynn, for nominating me! (First one of these, woohoo!)

The Rules:

  • Write a post with the award picture.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and, most important of all, ENTERTAINING!
  • Add these rules to the post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
  • Also, answer these questions down below!


1. Why did you start a blog in the first place?
It was just one of those nights when I wanted to share about reading and writing with someone and there was no one there to listen, so I decided to look up blog sites. Really, it was probably the second best decision of 2015!
2. What is your favorite book?
That’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child! I’ll say that I tend to prefer fantasy, female protagonists, and romance all in one. There are definite exceptions to that, though!
3. What do you dislike the most?
I agree with my nominator- waiting for books is definitely one of the worst things! Also, I’ve found that there’s a certain amount of accountability, now:  If I don’t blog, read, or write at least a couple times weekly, I feel like I’m letting myself down in the eyes of the all-powerful Internet, haha.
4. What is your favorite food item from the mall?
Mall food? Erm, there’s this little Japanese place (right across from this amazing Chinese place) and I love the sushi from there. Like, it’s horrible that I’m eating sushi at a mall when we’re like 3 hours from the ocean – so I know it isn’t that fresh – but I still just love it! Big sushi fan, as long as there’s no sauce.
5. What is your favorite past time activity?
There are a few that are pretty balanced for “favorite” in my eyes:  reading, writing, eating, sleeping, working out, and Netflix (without the chill) with my boy. Pretty typical, right?

I Nominate: 

Jade M. Wong


Katherine Viti

(Sorry, I know a couple of you have already been nominated but just think of it as twice the reward for being such awesome bloggers!)


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