Novel Update #6: Still Not Done Writing

At the end of the last update approximately two weeks ago, I wrote that hopefully the next novel update would be an announcement that I have finished.  This is not that.  Close, but no cigar.

I’m about a third of the way through my last chapter.

I know how to end the book.

I also know where I am right now in the story.

What I don’t know is how to get from where I am now to where I need to be in order to end the book.

Dear goodness, I just realized how terrible of a place I’m in after I finally wrote what I’ve been too terrified to admit…  Today hasn’t been that bad.  Honestly, I’ve had many many worse writing days.  In fact, today was decent!  I deleted the last two paragraphs that I had written Monday because I hated how the characters had reacted to an awkward situation – it was a little opposite, like they’d switched personalities – so I rewrote that and got another page out.  The internal dialogue is pretty heavy, but it’s near the end and the main character has to reflect a bit on the current position she’s in, so I don’t feel too bad about how that’s going.  On Monday, I’ll have to work from transitioning from the heavy internal dialogue and where she’s at to the last scene of the novel.  Nerves are getting to me.  Finishing writing is the most terrifying thought!  Thankfully, I already wrote a soliloquy-type speech for one of the main characters.  I actually wrote it months ago…  Now, I can edit it to make it fit a little better with the current progress of the story (because a bit of the speech relates more to the sequel that will be the next novel I work on).

Realistically speaking, I’m not setting a deadline for this.  When it gets done, it gets done.  I have other things to do and rushing this isn’t one.  I understand that to be a writer, one has to force themselves to write, even when there’s no inspiration, but I don’t want to force the last chapter and have it end terribly.  So for now, this is just an update to say that it’s going well.  Not great, but good enough.  I’m happy with where I am now in the writing process!


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