Girl with a Degree (and a Rough Draft)

What have I been doing these last couple months that have kept me too busy to keep my blog up to date?

Allow me to fill you in.

Watching anime.

Reading manga.

Writing letters.

Editing my novel.

Reading a different novel.

Working the closing shift.

Making friends at work.

Role-playing with said friends from work.

And tomorrow, celebrating my first college degree with same said friends!

Maybe it sounds like I’m making excuses (which I am), but everything just became busy. I want all of you to know what I’m doing, but I’ve been horrible about blogging. I started this blog to give me somewhere to update my writing progress. Now that I’ve finished writing, I’m not even sure if I should continue blogging. Sure, there’s still the editing process. Then there’s all the disappointment of rejection letters from prospective publishers. I’m just not sure… There’s been a lot of uncertainty about my priorities lately, and I’m sorry to say that darn near the bottom of the list is blogging.

Now, for the point of this blog post: I have my first degree. Sure, it’s just an Associates from a junior college, but this is the first step. I’ve had the actual paper since December, but it didn’t really feel like it until all of the graduation dates flew by and the time for drunken celebrations at pubs came along. (Yes, that is how I will be celebrating – at a pub with friends from both jobs that I’ve had and the man in my life). How do I feel about it? For the first time, friends are getting together to celebrate something that I’ve done. I’ve never really had that before, unless it was for birthdays. I feel like I’m making up for lost time – when I didn’t really go out or do much.

One more thing: my friends may not know it, but one of the rounds will be in honor of my completed rough draft. No, I definitely won’t tell them that, but still!


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