Why did I decide to read this book? I’ll admit it: the hype – it was too tempting to ignore! Thankfully, it didn’t fall short of expectations.

Sarah J. Maas is a wordress – a word sorceress. I’m entirely certain of that. Her diction and the whole way that she pieces the language together like stitches in a quilt to tell a story is breathtakingly captivating. Though I’ve praised authors in the past for their control of the language and the way they manipulate words to invoke feelings, all fall short in comparison to Maas. It was not only nearly impossible to set the book down for work and sleep but also, at times, it was difficult to keep going in spite of it all. At times (and I don’t mean for this to sound like I’m some thoughtful person who contemplates life and everything else while reading but) I simply had to set the book down in my lap and think. Maybe it was a passage that struck me as beautiful or a word that sounded too beautiful to not deserve a moment of its own or a scene that washed fear throughout me as though I were in Feyre’s place, but it’s those times that stopped me in my tracks instead of rushing me along that made me appreciate the beauty of the book even more.

I won’t go on about the beauty of the descriptions and all of that good stuff because even that is secondary to the wonderful way that she twisted fantasy and modern expectations of such YA romance novels into such a well-known and beloved children’s tale. Her take on “Beauty and the Beast” really did remind me a lot of Naomi Novik’s Uprooted Also, the way that Maas plays both Tamlin and Rhys reminds me a bit of The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson. I’m very excited to read the book following A Court of Thorns and Roses because I have a feeling that Rhys will become a far more fundamental part of Feyre’s journey. (Kind of like the Assassin in The Heart of Betrayal.)

Honestly, I just loved the book. It was similar to some of my favorites and yet wildly different. It feels weird to just spout how much I loved this novel, but it got me out of a bit of a readings lump, which says something about how much I liked it own its own! Do I recommend it? Yes. Should you take my recommendation to heart? Hell yes. Go read it. Now. (And have as marvelous a time enjoying its pages as I did!)


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