Eight days from now, I will be on my way up to Portland, Oregon (USA).

This might not seem like it’s book-related at all, but four words will change your mind about that: Powell’s City of Books. Have you ever heard of it? It’s the world’s largest new and used bookstore! I started planning this trip with my fiancé about 120 days ago. Okay, maybe “planning” isn’t the best way to put it since he hates having an itinerary, though I love making them. The compromise? I get to pick just a couple places that I know I want to visit, and we’ll go to those places for sure. The rest of the time, it’s just stumbling upon cool places and experiencing things through exploring. We’ll be exploring… Wandering around in a strange place where we’ve never been before. That’s a terrifying thought, but I’m sure that it’ll work out! At least now I won’t be disappointed if we can’t go absolutely everywhere that I wanted to.

We’ll be gone from home a total of five days. The first and last days are travel-time and exploring Northern California/Southern Oregon. The middle three will be time in Portland. Three days. Not exactly three whole days, but three days in Portland. Where is the one place within the city limits of Portland that I want to visit?

Powell’s City of Books.

How insanely awesome does that bookstore look? I mean, seriously, that is the main thing (besides spending a whole five days with Zach) that I am looking forward to! It’s our first major trip alone together and we get to go there! An entire day could be dedicated to meandering around within those walls, though. Don’t get me wrong, Zach loves books, but I’m not so sure that he’s going to want to spend an entire day in a bookstore while there’s so much else to do. I may get there and realize that there’s more that I want to see, too, though Powell’s will still be on the top of my list, I’m sure!

Have any of you been to Powell’s? I know that it’s an incredibly popular destination, especially for tourists (like ourselves), but I’d like to hear about the experiences of anyone else, too. Instagram has plenty of photos, at least. Is it as magical as I’m making it out to be in my head, or am I just hyping it up and setting myself up for disappointment?

Sometime after I get back from my trip, I’ll blog about the experience and post some photos from there. (If for some reason, we don’t end up going to the bookstore, I am going to be so frustrated that I’ll probably blog about it anyway, so be expecting something within a couple of weeks!)


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