Marissa Meyer’s plots and unique ways of adapting classic fairy tales that we all know and love into futuristic cyberpunk settings are amazing. That being said, I wasn’t the least bit let down with Scarlet at all. After Cinder, I was wondering if she was going to just switch over to another story that was connected/not-really-connected and just leave behind our beloved mechanic where we last saw her at the end of the first novel. Being me, I quizzed my friend who had recommended the series to me again, but all she would tell me was that they kept going and didn’t leave anyone out.

Point of view changes usually piss me off something terrible. Because Meyer’s series is written in third person, however, I really didn’t mind the whole “let’s jump from this part of the world with these characters to this other part of the world with these characters and then wwwaaaayyyy out here with all of them and…” because it just worked. The only other option would have been leaving Cinder and Kai out of the plot of Scarlet, which I’m sure would have disappointed many readers. So I liked the setup of switching. What I liked most about it, though, was that it introduced new characters – Scarlet and Wolf – while letting us continue our journey with Cinder and developing her character further. It was strange, though, to have some of the main characters of the book feel like new acquaintances while others felt like old friends that we’d already grown accustomed to from the first novel. That was something that I picked up on that did make the book feel a little off for me. Did anyone else have that issue of getting over the switching from bit older to relatively new characters? Maybe it just felt more like reality. We aren’t introduced to everyone without 40-50 pages of our own book, so why should we expect that from a novel series? I don’t know, just the whole new main character while maintaining the previous main character’s story threw me off, but again, I don’t mind it because the alternative would be frustrating!

What else is there to say about Scarlet without writing spoilers? I did really love it. In fact, about 10 minutes after I finished, I bought Cress on my (new and used) Kindle. The Lunar Chronicles add such zest to the regular stories that we’ve all come to love that the series is nearly impossible to put down. These are probably my favorite semi-re-tellings that I’ve read (besides the Beauty and the Beast ones, which I’ll always be a softie for). So that’s my take on Scarlet! I’m really excited for the next and be expecting a post in about a week and a half (after I get back from my Portland, OR trip) with photos and descriptions of the store and my experience as a whole at Powell’s City of Books! Have a great day, guys!


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