Cress by Marissa Meyer was the first eBook on my Kindle that I ever read. That is always going to be something very special about it for me. Now, onto business!

I loved Cress. Someone told me that as the series gets going, it just gets better and better. I really didn’t believe it (because, come on, how could you beat Scarlet?), but she was definitely right. The more characters, the better it seems to get. The action was amazing; the character introductions and development was amazing; the emotions that Meyer wrote for us actually made me cry. Pretty much, I loved it. It was a wonderful third addition to the series and I’m excited about reading the next.

No, I am not going to go into great detail on this because I plan on writing a very thorough reaction after finishing the series next month (after finishing this month’s TBR list).

Also, many of the things that I wrote about in my post on Scarlet still stand for Cress, as well. My opinion on the pov changes is becoming more of a definite “like” than “unsure,” as it was before. It’s important to get the feel for each of the characters and because it’s written in third person and each chapter tends to focus on one character at a time and what they’re thinking and feeling (instead of the thoughts and feelings of each person in the group within every chapter), I definitely do like it much better than I did in Scarlet. There would have been too many main characters to focus on if they didn’t each have a chapter or so dedicated to them, and without that stylistic choice, I don’t think that any reader would come to love and feel for them as much as we do with writing style.

By the way, I absolutely love how adorable she is, but Cress’ vulnerability is a bit annoying. I know that she’s going to get over it eventually and it would have been unrealistic to write her as some strong, awesome female character right off the bat considering her previous housing circumstances… But still. I am excited to see how her character grows. Meyer did already push her in the direction that I was hoping for, so I’m quite happy about that!

Do I recommend? Of course! Go out and get Cinder and Scarlet and then when you’re finished with those two, prepare yourself for the amazingness that is Cress!


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