The Daily Post Prompt: Stubborn

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[This is a nonfiction entry!]

Stubbornness isn’t a bad quality. In fact, I think it suits some people rather well.

I remember that there was a time whenever my parents would call me stubborn that I’d feel guilty about it – about wanting something so badly that I didn’t want to give about. Hey, maybe it’s just ten or fifteen years of memory molding that have shifted the way I remember things, but I’m pretty certain that I used to feel guilty.


What’s there to feel guilty about?

It would be horribly annoying to have a child throw a tantrum in a store all over a toy – the stubbornness of wanting something of little consequence.

However, isn’t it different to be stubborn for the right things? Stubborn about family time; stubborn about reading; stubborn about being the best version of yourself? I was all those things. I was stubborn about sitting next to my mom at dinners and setting time aside to read and arriving to school 15 minutes early every morning. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

The best modern example that I can think of that affects me nearly every single time I spend time with friends: politics. I have very concrete opinions that I have formed throughout my 21 years of life that will most likely not be changed by a twenty minute conversation with someone who believes differently. Yes, some of my morals and ideals have changed significantly from since I was quite a bit younger, but always because of the things around me that I experienced and looked into – not because someone told me to believe a certain way. (That’s very important to me!) When I spend time with some friends now, it’s like they’re trying to get me to argue back. I never do because I’m not going to force my beliefs on them and they have a right to think what they want, same as I do. Their stubbornness about their opinions is loud while mine is quiet. I’m quietly stubborn (and stubbornly quiet, more often than not). Do they change my opinions? Every once in a while, someone will say something to get me thinking and then I’ll go from there, but that’s happened maybe once or twice. To be stubborn about what you think and to stand by those beliefs as steadfast as the day you first formed them is a beautiful thing, and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

There isn’t a damn thing that’s wrong with being stubborn. Sure, maybe it has a bit of a negative connotation to it after all of the whining kids and mindless adults that it’s been used to describe, but “stubborn” is just something that describes someone, not something that makes them the type of person that you don’t like to be around. Does that make sense?


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