Daily Prompt: Obsessed

via Daily Prompt: Obsessed

[This is a nonfiction entry!]

I used to be obsessed with pretending that I was a cat: all the time, I would crawl around the house on my “paws” and lick my water out of a bowl that I would set on the table for myself – that kind of stuff.

My obsession with Harry Potter started when I was in the 4th grade (after reading the books) and I had other friends in my class who loved them just as much so we’d roleplay on the playground before we even knew what LARPing was; though the cat one died out, this particular obsession has no foreseeable end.

Coffee was gross and there was no way that I would ever drink it!, or at least until I discovered the glorious wonder that is iced coffee with vanilla creamer. Now? I drink coffee daily. I’m drinking iced coffee right now from an alpaca mug that’s sitting by my laptop as I write.

In kindergarten, I liked books for the pictures – a phase that continued on for several years; after the Harry Potter series, though, I realized that the less pictures a book had, the more words there were to tell the story, which was why I was even reading in the first place. To this day, my obsession with reading is constantly growing and evolving to expand my likes to new genres.

Writing has always been a wonderful obsession of mine. While everyone else considered the essays in grade school through high school punishments (which every great once in a while, was the actual intention), I loved them… for the most part. I loved the freedom that writing allowed me, so any of the essays with parameters too narrow for my liking, well, those weren’t exactly a pleasure. All the others, though, I loved!

When I was a kid, I used to laugh at my mom for crying at the end of happy love stories – books or movies – because it was just a strange thought to me, but as time progressed and I became interested in what the opposite sex had to offer me (just love, keep your minds out of the gutters!), I started to cry after those happy endings. Why couldn’t I have that? Though I wouldn’t have called it an obsession at the time, looking back at it now, that’s what it was – an obsession with wanting to find someone to love and love me in return – my own happy ending.

Maybe I toss the word “obsession” around too carelessly, but maybe I don’t do it enough. Isn’t it good to indulge yourself in your interests while you can? I love when I sink into another world in a book that I’m obsessed with or a Harry Potter movie marathon. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sitting through a happy ending and allowing myself to feel. Writing is the best obsession that I could have! Out of everything that I’ve ever had an interest in, I realized that it was writing that I wanted to turn into a career. What’s wrong with drinking all those cups of coffee a day??? Okay, well that one, I can see the problem with…



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