Unlike King Richard in Shakespeare’s script, it is not a horse I desire but a shirt.

Why a shirt?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a shirt, but it would be nice.

Let me explain:  a strong sense of pride in the books that I have read occasionally overtakes me, and I am in want of displaying my pride on my chest for all to see.  Yeah, maybe it’s a bit vain of me to want to “show off” the books that I’ve read by wearing a shirt of it or carrying a bag, but I see it differently.

Think of the following situation.  A person sits on a college campus in the library reading a book.  Another person who has read and loves said book notices them and thinks “hmm… I wonder how they’re getting on with it.  Do they like it as much as I did?”  Let’s say the observer goes up and strikes a conversation with the person, either questioning or complimenting their reading choice.  Books recommend people to each other!

There is a problem with the above scenario, however…  If someone came up to me and struck a conversation while I was trying to read, especially in a library, irritation would probably be more prominent in my countenance than interest.  So there’s that…

Let’s choose a different scenario, then!  A person stands in line at a coffee shop, no book in hand, but sporting a tee of Huxley’s Brave New World.  Another person who had also enjoyed the book immensely when they had read it notices and strikes up a conversation.  Perfect!  It’s in line, so there’s nothing else to do.  It’s not like one person is interrupting precious reading time.  This is a book recommending one person to another without actually having to have the book on hand.

This has actually happened several times to me, and I think I’ve enjoyed it each and every time.  “Oh, you’ve read that book, too?” or “That’s my favorite series!”  Even if you’re not exactly outgoing, it’s showcasing a part of yourself for others to see that you’re proud of.  Also, it’s like being a walking book ad.  How cool is that?

As I sit here with open webpages of novel tees (haha!) and character socks, I wonder how many people are like me.  How many people love wearing shirts with book titles or illustrations because they’re just that proud of reading and loving them?


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