Title: Witch Hunter
Author: Virginia Boecker
Released: June 2, 2015
Favorite quote: “It’s like watching someone read a book.  Right before they rip it to shreds.”

This was the September book for the Instagram Books & Beyond Club.  I didn’t know that it was the first in a series when I started it.  Would it have mattered?  Probably not, since I enjoy reading along with the others who follow the book club account.  So that sums up why I read it.

Boecker created a character that I really loved stepping into, despite being on the side of cliché.  For me, it was just a little slow but still wildly interesting.  The plot was not too straightforward and the characters were all interesting.  Toward the end, a couple of the female friendships that developed didn’t seem to flow well, considering the contrasting personalities, but I can see how an understanding and not a friendship would develop between the two.

Having just read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight last week, I was delighted when the named “green knight” played a role.  That was wonderfully done!

Yes, this was a fairly short reader reaction post, but it wasn’t a book that really required much more, at least from me.  As far as continuing the series is concerned…  If I choose to, it won’t be immediately.  There are too many other books that desire my attention, and it wasn’t a first book that really drew me in enough to immediately go out and buy the next in the series.  Yes, it was great!  I really did enjoy reading it, and I do hope to finish the series one day, just not anytime soon.  I’m interested to hear what others have to say, so go ahead and comment!


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