Title: Throne of Glass
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Released: August 7, 2012
Favorite quote: “‘No, I can survive well enough on my own – if given the proper reading material.'”

Because this is such a popular series, I want to keep this reaction as informal as possible in hopes of possibly starting a dialogue with anyone in the comments about their opinions on the first book in the series.  If you haven’t read it, I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum!

The Throne of Glass series is one that I’ve heard about for quite some time.  Why had I put off reading it for so long, then?  It comes down to the fact that isn’t third person pov.  I know, that’s about the stupidest reason that I can give you readers, especially after reading it and realizing that third person is perfect for this narrative, but we all have our flaws (and one of mine is typically shying away from third person pov).

Sarah J. Maas may very well be one of my favorite authors now.  I’ve already read ACOTAR and ACOMAF, so I’ve fallen in love with her writing style before now.  However, reading two unrelated series by her has made me realize just how spectacular she is at what she does.  I’ve already written an entire passage on the color and feel of Maas’ writing style in previous reader reactions, so this time I’ll focus solely on plot and characters.

Needless to say, Celaena is the most badass female character that I’ve read in a few months.  She holds her own as a competitor in the challenges and duels for a chance to become the King’s Champion all external forces battling against her.  Although she is the epitome of the over-used strong female character, that’s possibly what makes me love her so much; there’s no bullshit and it’s straight to the point.  She’s what we all love to read, without the exceptions being made to make her different from the pack – she stands apart from the rest merely in the way that she’s written.  Though she is deadly and uncaring in terms of her job and lifestyle, her untainted personality is anything but.  The beauty and intricacy of the story combined with her intelligent, caring, and lethal character (in spite of falling into the SFC stereotype) is the perfect pairing for a brilliant book that showcases both equally.

The setting of the story is a little dull to me, but that’s probably because the good majority of the book takes place in one area – the King’s castle.  It’s common in many series (or at least the ones that I’m familiar with) to start with the first book in a place of stagnation (in place only, not plot) before the story rolls out and stretches beyond the physical boundaries of the first into other territories.  I am sincerely hoping that there will be other places in the following novel, especially since I can’t imagine her being restricted within the walls of the castle with her particular occupation.

So let me just get this out of the way now:  it was impossible to avoid all spoilers before reading the books, and I know that the whole love triangle is still a bit of a mystery.  Apparently, there are also people who are rooting for Celaena and Nox?  I can sort of see it, even just within the first book, but between Dorian and Chaol, I am a fanatic supporter of the Guard.  There are so many things about Chaol that perfect complement (and even combat) aspects of Celaena that I can’t understand not shipping them.  Yes, I do see why the infamous assassin and crowned prince pairing would take off, but I just don’t see it…  To me, they seem better as close companions.  Please, anyone, talk to me about this!  I have no one outside of the internet to discuss this with and it is already slowing killing me.

Would I recommend this?  Yes.  Most definitely.  If I could, I would lend each and every one of you who hasn’t read it my very own copy just so you’d have one less excuse not to.


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