It’s 11 am and I’m sitting at my desk drinking coffee. Although we haven’t even met the greater half of October, I’m beginning to wonder about what November will mean to me this year.

National Novel Writing Month. I’d already written a blog post announcing that I’ve decided to join NaNoWriMo to knock out about half of the sequel to The Strain of Rebellion, which will be titled The Era of Awakening. (Yes, they are pretty common-sounding titles, but they work well with the story and there’s wordplay that I just love!)

But what will this mean with school? The courses that I’m enrolled in require a lot of reading and writing. I know that other people have done it in the past, and probably with flying colors, but this isn’t something that I’m used to: While finishing my first novel, I didn’t have to worry about college classes or even a heavy work schedule at my job. Maybe I’ve become lazy with my unhurried lifestyle; maybe this will be a good change of pace for me! But… what will it mean to be a full-time student with readings and writings for my classes while trying to write 50,000 words of my second novel?

If you haven’t figured it out already, this is me being extremely worried. I don’t usually set hard-to-reach goals for myself when it comes to writing because I enjoy taking my time. NaNoWriMo is a challenge that I’ve been looking into for several years, though, so this was the year that I finally decided to take action and participate. Will I regret it when my research papers are all due within the first couple weeks of November? Possibly, but only time can tell.

What I’m trying to convince myself is that it’s just a challenge with no consequences. Although I’ll be disappointing myself if I don’t hit the word count mark, at least I’ll have tried, right?

Because I’m a curious cat, are any of you participating? If so, what are your goals? If not, do you have any other goals that you’ve set for yourself for November? I mean, I still plan to finish reading most of the books that people have lent to me in November, as well, so that’s another goal (but they’ll all understand if I hoard their books like a dragon for another month or two!). Anyone have any reading goals? Writing goals? Goals to find a good pet? I mean, there has to be something that you’re looking forward to in November.

Goals. Goals. Goals.

I predict that by the end of the first week, I’ll have a blog post ready about how much I either love or hate the challenge. We’ll just have to see!

Best of luck to all of you in whatever your goals for November are!


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