Good morning, everyone! Well, it’s morning here in California right now. I just got a pretty strong cup of coffee from my kitchen and I am now going to see how well the caffeine works in prompting some thoughts that I’d like to get down.

I’m going to take this time spent on this blog post to just talk to you, whoever is reading this, about what whatever comes to mind. (I’ll try to keep it semi-related to writing, blogging, reading.)

Have you ever heard “I’ll Drown” by Sóley? I hadn’t either until recently. If you have, way to go, sir or madam, your taste in music is probably much better than mine! The only reason that I’ve heard it is because I go through the sidebar video recommendations on YouTube and came across this video. So it might not be for everyone, but I’ve found that for reading/writing, it’s extremely relaxing and gets me in the concentration zone without forcing myself to sit. As for writing along to this song, it’s pretty unusual for me to listen to music that isn’t from the 40s, 50s, and 60s when I write. Why? That’s just the type of music that goes well in the world that I’ve created for my novel. There were only two exceptions before – “Time is Running Out” by Muse and “Goodnight, Travel Well” by The Killers. These are two of my absolute favorite bands, so of course they are each going to have at least once exception to my writing music rule! If you haven’t heard any of those songs, the links are calling to be clicked on… Don’t resist.

Every few months, I go through phases with manga. In an introduction on a discussion board for an online class that asked what type of things we read, I wrote that if I don’t read manga for at least 30 minutes every night, it’s more difficult to fall asleep. That lasted for about five or six months, and then I went through a dry spell. Now? I’m back at it with manga every night. I don’t know why, but there’s a huge difference between for me between reading novels at night and reading manga. Maybe it’s because there are such short chapters and fewer words in manga? But still, I can go through an entire series in a day (for example, I read all of Beauty Pop yesterday, but I had started much earlier on than I am wont to). It’s unusual for me to read an entire book in a day unless I really sit down and avoid all distractions. Reading manga is more casual for me – it’s a pastime that lets me pass time without dedicating all of my time and focus. Does that make sense? Do any of you read manga and understand what I’m talking about? Everyone reads differently, so I’m wondering if this is a shared thought among manga readers.

Yesterday, I had made the second worst pot of coffee that I’ve made in the last few years since I started making it in the mornings. This morning, I drank what was left over from the morning coffee that was made before everyone left for work. Now, we have decaf (I know, shame) and regular coffee, but I really can’t tell which it is that I’m drinking right now… Either way, this is so much better than the pot that I’d made yesterday!

It’s Friday. I’d better start getting to the thinks that require my attention now. Well, it’s been nice to talking to you about… nothing of any importance? After all, isn’t the point of these types of sites to connect people?

Have a glorious Friday, everyone!



2 thoughts on “Coffee Pots & Writer Thoughts

  1. I still believe that if Juan Valdez (the fictitious spokesperson of Columbian coffee) were an actual person, he could simply say, “Hello. I am now Emperor of Earth. Or else, no more coffee for anyone, ever.” Within 24 hours, he’d have millions of loyal minions, and I’d be proclaiming my allegiance with tear-filled eyes!

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