The Author and the Pseudonym

A Bookkeeper's Notes

Does it really matter if an author writes under a pseudonym? Does the writer really have an obligation to the public over their true identity?

I’m asking this because Italian author Elena Ferrante has recently been exposed by journalist Claudio Gatti and it has caused a huge uproar; in a nutshell Gatti has been accused of cheap journalism.

From my understanding of the situation, Ferrante writes honestly about the lives of women and has chosen to publish under a pseudonym to remove the temptation of the public to accuse her books as being semi-autobiographical (I’ve never read her books so I am relying on hearsay).

I think there’s a reason why authors write under another name and ultimately, we should respect this. Lots of people write for the glory of seeing their name immortalised in print and the subsequent aftermath of a successful novel (who will play the protagonist when…

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