Novel Update #11: Transcribing Changes

The last update that I wrote on for The Strain of Rebellion stated that I had finished editing the rough draft. What does that mean? I now am typing up the changes on a copied word document of the original (since I’m sentimental and want a rough draft copy saved with all the errors that I originally made).

How has this been going? Terribly.

Maybe not as terribly as I make it seem, but it’s not exactly pleasant. It’s tedious – going through and fixing words and punctuation. However, there is one part of it that I love; there’s definite immediate gratification in watching the word count steadily rise with each transcribing session that I sit through. Because it was a rough draft, there are details that I left out or bits that needed clarification, so there are some paragraphs that have been added throughout. Just recently, I worked on fixing the fifth chapter. It was filled with added sentences and paragraphs! After only 5 chapters, I’ve already added 1000+ words to the original draft. That’s insane! I had been worried that my original novel length was a bit in want or additions, but I had no idea that editing would bump up the word count so much.

It isn’t as though I’m adding unnecessary bits to get more words, either. Everything that I add is because I firmly believe the book would be lacking without it.

There are also, of course, things that I took out. Whole paragraphs have been cut when working on the second draft. Thankfully, I haven’t had whole page or chapter cuts, yet. I don’t think that it’ll come to that in the future, either. What I cut and added in the first editing session should suffice. However, there are still details that I thought of after editing that I’ll go back and add in as I type the corrections (while simultaneously editing, I hope, so I don’t have to go back through later).

So it’s long, tedious, boring, but gratifying. My goal was to have this all completed by the end of October but other things have arisen to make that most highly improbable.

I’ll update as I continue with this process and let you all know how the book is coming along. I’m so excited to start having test readers soon! Only two people have been allowed to see it and both gave positive feedback that really helped. After going through with the test readings, I hope that there will be helpful criticism to help create a slightly changed third draft. But that’s definitely farther into the future than I want to think about right now!


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