Title: Maybe Someday
Stand Alone(?)
Author: Colleen Hoover
Released: March 18, 2014
Favorite quote: “For her I bend, for you I break.”

I bought this on Amazon the same time that I ordered November 9 because I thought “well, if I like this, then I’ll probably want to read another one immediately after.” That thought was entirely accurate.

I’m not going to go a lot into depth on Maybe Someday because it’s a quick read that I just wanted to enjoy without analysis. There are books that I will tear apart and analyze, but this isn’t one of them. Instead, I’m going to tell you my thoughts on the main ideas that Hoover presented to the reader.

Judgment. She shows that it’s easy to judge someone without being forced into their position. Although unfaithfulness was a recurring theme, it appeared in specific places in the novel – the beginning and the end – to show the effects that it can have on a relationship from both sides – the one being cheated on and the “other woman” perspectives.

Infidelity. As stated, it’s a recurring theme. However, it isn’t just done to show that people cheat and to allow the reader a view of two different perspectives in unfaithful relationships; Hoover also brings it in to show how people actually handle the situation of being physically attracted to someone who isn’t your partner. Not everyone will jump into bed with the person and cheat out-rightly, but not everyone will try their hardest to be faithful, either.

Characters. So I loved the characters. I’ve only read two of Colleen Hoover’s novels and I can already say that I love her characters. They do fit the stereotypical roles that they’re seemingly intended to at first read, but as the story progresses, more layers of the characters are uncovered. A prime example of this in Maybe Someday is the Hooters roommate. Forgive me for referring to her as that, but you all know who I mean and that’s the first impression that she gives. As the story continues, though, the reader finds that she isn’t just the type of girl who only fits that stereotypical role. She’s more than that – she’s a person. That’s what I like about Hoover’s characters: they feel more like actual people I’d meet on the street rather than characters I’d read in a book. It’s refreshing.

The story was great. I don’t want to give too much away (because I hadn’t heard it before until I read the book and was SHOCKED when there was more to Ridge than had been stated on the back cover), but I will say that Hoover turns love stories into works of life with the way that she utilizes common and uncommon traits, personalities, and handicaps. I was thrilled with the twist to Maybe Someday that just kept twisting as the pages flew by!

Do I recommend this novel? Of course. Go read it.


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