Good Morning, Book Bloggers!

It’s been a while since I just sat down and wrote to you about what’s been going on with me. Since 2017 is now just around the corner, this seems like the perfect time to fill you guys in on the end of my 2016.

Novel #1. I have four chapters of edited changes on print paper that I have to transfer over to the word document before I can print it out and lend to a couple friends. Four chapters stand between me and having a novel that is ready to send out… How freakin’ exciting is that?! The answer is very. Honestly, it’s a bit terrifying and I’d rather keep editing it time and time again, but I really feel that I should just finish and start to send it to different places for consideration. I have this feeling that if I edit again, I’ll keep finding little things and then that’ll encourage me to edit again and again and begin a never-ending cycle that will never allow me to actually finish. Rather than that, I think I’m going to just try myself and my novel by sending it out to numerous chopping boards that will butcher my submission and deign me unfit for writing… Quite optimistic, I know.

Novel #2/NaNoWriMo. I did not win NaNoWriMo 2016 this November. However, I did get out about 30,000 words into the first draft of my second novel (the sequel to my first), so I’m actually pretty proud of that. It was competing and talking with people that made the whole experience completely worth it, though! The site let me contact tons of other writers in the same or similar genres who communicated with me about their own work and asked me about mine in exchange. It was strange to openly discuss my novel with people who I’d never met since I’ve been fairly secretive about details of my novel since I first started writing it. Aren’t a lot of writers like that, though? It’s best to keep your ideas to yourself until you’re certain of it. Well, even though I did feel a bit uncomfortable talking about the characters of plots of my eventual trilogy, it was wonderful to discuss ideas and processes with other writers. Since the end of November, I haven’t added anything to the second book! Why? College midterms/finals/term papers called and I just wanted to relax. (Lame excuse, I know. I shouldn’t give excuses. Really, I just didn’t feel like writing any more of that until I finished the first.)

Reading slump. Congratulations, me! I have entered into a reading slump right at the end of 2016 when I’m supposed to be reviewing 2 books that the author send me a couple months ago. The agreement was that I would read and review them on goodreads as soon as my classes were out. However, right at the end of my classes, I seriously just gave up on books for a while. It was not intentional, I swear! I can’t even bring myself to read manga, though I’m still reading short stories online. Winter break hit and I just about crumbled into a heap of worn out bones and extra fat from multiple Thanksgiving dinners that still show traces in my midsection. Really, I just don’t want to read right now and reading a historical fiction novel isn’t my first choice to get my out of the slump, but I’d agreed to review it. I’m still honored, actually! But it’s just going to be a bit more difficult to bring myself to read it when I just don’t want to read anything for a while.

Holiday! Break has begun and I’ve been having an absolute blast just relaxing and hanging out with friends. I hope that you all have a merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate, I hope that you enjoy the new year! I’ll write again soon with more reviews (of books I’ve already read this month but haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet).

Have a great day, everyone!


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