Thank you, WordPress, for the happy anniversary notification!

In one year, this blog has done a lot better than I’d expected. In fact, I hadn’t really anticipated it getting more than a couple followers. I’m absolutely honored that there are about a hundred of you who took the time to follow me for whatever reason. It’s been a fantastic year for me as a reader and writer!

Since creating this book blog to help me stay on track with my novel and keep me reading and posting reactions, I have finished writing and editing my first novel – The Strain of Rebellion – and read 38 books. In November, I also started the sequel – The Era of Awakening – while participating in NaNoWriMo. Although I didn’t win, I did reach around 30,000 words, which is quite a good chunk of the beginning and middle. I’m absolutely thrilled with what I’ve accomplished as a writer this year.

WordPress was really the start of me as Xandra Nelsen on social sites. Because of this blog, I started a bookstagram account where I post updates on my own book and other books that I read. I’ve read at least 38 books in the time since I started this blog! (That number does not include manga.) Having some accountability to keep posting what I read was what kept me going when I didn’t really feel like doing it anymore. Even if no followers really care, it’s nice to pretend that at least a couple do! So, I kept doing it for myself and them. Super cheesy, eh?

Also, because of WordPress, I met two incredible penpals! I’ve thought about writing internationally for a couple years, but WordPress helped make it a reality.

What this all boils down to: thanks for a fantastic first year on WordPress!



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