Sick Reading Days

Between all of the coughing and sneezing and dripping of snot, it hasn’t been the best day.

A congestion headache has been making it difficult to read since last night. Because of this, I haven’t actually read more of my current read, Empire of Storms, since before I fell asleep last night. I had originally planned to read all of today (after I got home from picking up my new set of textbooks for the dawning semester), but that fell through when I slept for 12 hours last night and then took a 3 hour nap when I got home from the university campus. Now here I sit, on my bed, trying to make myself interested in reading. Well, I was trying before I got the marvelous idea to blog a bit as a sufficient excuse to procrastinate.

There’s only a week before my classes start back up and I would like to finish my current read before that point. However, I just have no interest in reading it right now. The congestion headache still lingers and pangs inside my head just when I think I’m getting comfortable. So what to do? I would like to read, but trying to make it through Empire of Storms in this state doesn’t exactly sound appealing. Right now, I’m not in the mood for fantasy. I’d rather save the rest of the book for when I’m in tip-top shape and actually focused solely on the story (and not the box of tissues next to me for my runny nose).

So I found a compromise.

I decided to buy a quick $1 read through amazon on my kindle. Bookstagram has been keeping me entertained these last 36ish hours, and I stumbled upon a photo of a romantic novel that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m almost too ashamed to say the title right now, but blogging about being sick as a form of procrastination is a shame in its own, so here it is: Sugar Daddies. Yep. This is not typically what I read, but every great once in a while, I get in the mood to just read something quick and “romantic.” I know very little about the book except the synopsis; I’ve never read anything by this author before; I am entering in with low expectations.

The entirety of this blog post can be summed up by saying “Xandra has been too sick to want to read and now that she does, all she’s interested in is smut.” That’s probably the worst line I’ve written on this blog so far, but don’t your reading preferences change with your mood? Are you always in the mood for one genre? Aren’t there times when you give in by reading something that you normally don’t bur just want to really quick? When my mood changes, my book preferences reflect that – it’s annoying.

Right now, it’s so overcast the the wifi in my home has been terrible for the last few days. I’ve currently been waiting a good 10 minutes for my kindle to download the book. Oh well… Maybe I won’t even get to read it, and it’ll end up just staying on my digital bookshelf until I get in the mood for a romance novel again. Or maybe it’ll download in the next couple minutes and sick Xandra will be happy Xandra. We’ll see. Good night, everyone!


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