Title: The Hating Game
Stand Alone
Author: Sally Thorne
Released: August 9, 2016
Favorite quote: “Books were, and always would be, something a little magic and something to respect.”

The Hating Game is one of those marvelous novels that I’d never heard of prior to seeing a photo of the cover of bookstagram. Honestly, I find great quick-reads through my account. This is going to be a quick reaction.

The main characters in the novel – Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman – have a wonderful, hateful relationship that plays out in the workplace. Their office is the battleground where the majority of the “hate” part of their not-friendship takes place. The top floor of the publishing house where their both work is one of the main areas of the novel. It follows the template of most work-related romance novels: there’s the workplace, the outside of work area where they see each other in a new light, the places they bump into each other (which in The Hating Game were planned most of the time), and the homes of both characters. Like any other novel with this similar layout for locations, although I love the wit and tempers that are at their best in the office, I prefer the very first occasion in a home setting.

I don’t want to ruin The Hating Game for anyone, but I will say that The Hating Game has pretty much everything that a reader anticipates going into a love/hate-workplace novel: the other love interest, the secrecy, the confusion, the shyness, the squishy moments that make my face and heart melt from the downpour of my own salty tears. There is light smut (not terrible descriptions at all), but here is a fair warning for those who avoid any romance novels that make their way into the bedroom. It’s not sexy for the point of sex, though, so that may change the opinions of others. I read the physical contact as playing an important role in the evolving dynamic of Lucy and Joshua. (Any differing or aligning opinions on that matter?) The Hating Game is a cute, quick read for those who want something light yet heavy. There’s a pretty good balance between sweet and sexy. Thorne doesn’t sacrifice the plot at all for sex but rather uses it as a tool to enhance the characters’ reactions to each other and the atmosphere at work.

If you want a modern day Lizzie and Darcy surrounded by books and work, I highly recommend The Hating Game for one of your future reads.


4 thoughts on “Reader Reaction: The Hating Game

  1. I decided to buy this book after reading your review (I’ve never heard of it before but enjoy love/hate books) and I’m already halfway through and planning to finish it before I go to bed… thanks for picking it up and reviewing it! I’ve had a few instances like this where I’ve spotted a book on Bookstagram and loved it – yay for social media 🙂

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