Title: Stardust
Stand Alone
Author: Neil Gaiman
Released: 29 August 2006
Favorite quote: “There. I knowed a man in Paphlagonia who’d swallow a live snake every morning, when he got up. He used to say, he was certain of one thing, that nothing worse would happen to him all day. ‘Course they made him eat a bowlful of hairy centipedes before they hung him, so maybe that claim was a bit presumptive.”

I’ve been wanting to read Stardust since I first found out that the movie was based on a book. Honestly, it was one of my favorite films growing up and I’d never had a clue that it was based on a book (maybe because I never paid much attention to anything before and after the film started, including credits and mentions of Neil Gaiman). I’m going to make this quick: It’s a definite must read if you love fantasy.

This was my first read by Neil Gaiman and I was really surprised by the writing style. It felt like it was catered toward children, and then came a semi-explicit sex scene and description of killing an animal. No, I’m not one of those people that says children can’t read certain books, but I don’t think this was written for children, which made the style + content a really interesting combo for me. I sent a text to my friend (also an English major) about it, and she laughed when I reached the sex scene and declared that it wasn’t as much of a children’s book as I had originally thought. Anyway, the writing was amazing. The whole thing just sucked me into the pages because of Gaiman’s fantastical way of telling a story.

It was much different from the movie in many aspect and very similar in others. Even though I’d loved the movie as a child, I’m glad that I read the book. The ending was much better than I’d anticipated! Despite the fact that this is a fantasy novel, Gaiman sticks to realistic reactions and portrayals of people. I loved every minute of it!

There’s not really much else that I want to say since I don’t want to give away the story. The settings, plot, and characters were amazing. For how short this book is, I didn’t feel that it didn’t tell enough, so that’s a huge plus. It’s one of my favorite quick read stand alones that I’ve read. Definitely go out and buy a copy. Read it. Love it. Now.


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